On the Blog…December 2021

Hello, December

On the Editor’s Desk…

Do you know Melissa Dean? If not, you need to! Melissa’s first book, Unschooled is on the editor’s desk this month. Stay tuned to our socials for release date updates.

“We all want our math classes to be bursting with dynamic, engaging, worthwhile learning experiences, and Melissa Dean shows you how to create this. Unschooled is her master class in how to level up, disrupt, and bring to life the experience of learning math.”

Allison Dillard | Math professor | Author
Host of Allison Loves Math Podcast

New on the Bookshelf

November saw the release of Fired Up Teachership by Michele Rispo Hill and Dr. Frank Rudnesky. We were met with rave reviews on this first release for Michele and second under Code Breaker for Frank. Dr. Christopher Jones, Educator, Speaker, and Author had this to say…

“Fired Up Teachership is an inferno! Dr. Frank Rudnesky and Michele Rispo Hill offer a roadmap to not only becoming a more balanced influential leader no matter your position, but does so in a step by step fashion so that the reader understands the bigger picture and is provided the tools to take inspired action! Starting with defining a passion that builds into the legacy you desire, Frank and Michele have filled these pages with Points to Ponder, personal anecdotes, and questions on which to reflect. If you are looking to level up by examining every aspect of your leadership from culturally responsive instructional spaces to community involvement you need to read this book. They not only say that “one of the biggest forms of identity theft is telling someone they cannot accomplish something,” but breathe life into the opposite by providing the means to achieve a level of servant and transformational leadership to which many strive.”


December 6 – 12th, 2021 marks Computer Science Education Week. Called the largest learning event in history, Computer Science Education Week aims to get K-12 students excited about computer coding.

From CSEdWeek.org, The CSEdWeek theme this year highlights the impact that computer science is making everywhere and the relationship that computer science has to different subjects, industries, career paths, and our everyday lives. CS has helped unlock mysteries in math and medicine, it’s been used to create art. CS built your phone, the internet, your favorite games, movies, and tv shows. CS helped us eradicate diseases and enables us to explore the depth of space.

Computer Science is fundamental for student success. Studies show that those students who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving and develop essential life skills that set them up for success! Share your #CSEdWeek activities all next week on Twitter with #CodeBreaker! And check out our socials for some great #CSEdWeek contests!

Happy Birthday Code Breaker

November 29th saw the fourth book birthday of the book that started it all! 4 years ago #CodeBreaker hit bookshelves across the globe!

From its author, Brian Aspinall, Four years ago today my dream of being a publisher author came to life. Today I am honoured, humbled and proud to have done the same for countless rockstar educators across North America and beyond.