Melissa Dean

Every classroom should be a place of curiosity, conjectures, creativity and collaboration. To do this, a culture of authentic learning must be established. This culture begins when we unravel the construct that is school, and replace it with the messiness of embracing failing, growing, questioning, and risk-taking.  The humans entrusted to us deserve nothing less than this.

Melissa is classroom educator, with experience as a consultant and coach spanning grades K to 12. She began her teaching career in Toronto, ON, and is now continuing that journey in South Eastern Manitoba, Canada.  Melissa is passionate about mathematics education, assessment and evaluation, and questioning the status quo in the education system. When she isn’t talking to people about math, she is working part time at a local bakery, baking her own sourdough bread, drinking coffee or out for a run. Melissa is known for continually learning and growing and trying things out, constantly buying books and her distinctive laughter, usually as a result of telling her own terrible jokes. 

A Discussion Guide

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In this interview on the Alison Loves Math Podcast, Melissa chats about ways to shake things up in your math class!



Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein