Code Breaker Inc.

Breaking code isn’t just about programming, it’s about disrupting the status quo. It is about challenging social norms. It is about having critical conversations. It is about challenging systematic beliefs. It is about educating the whole child – mind, body and soul.

inspire. innovate. lead. teach. learn.

Our mission is simple. Engaging students. Well, it is even more than that. We believe in investing in students’ well being. We believe in educating the entire child – mind body and soul. We are working to change parameters to meet the needs of ALL students. We believe that all students can achieve if given a fair chance. We accomplish our goals by creating content. We blog, we tweet, we YouTube, we attend conferences, we lead workshops, we develop professional development programs to meet the needs of full school districts.  We are passionate about inspiring educators to create curious seeking individuals in classrooms built on a community of trust, risk-taking and a freedom to fail.

Who We Are

Our Code Breaker team is made up of educators, authors, illustrators, speakers and leaders. We are a dedicated group of individuals who believe in disrupting the status quo with innovation, creativity and passion. Learn more about us at the link below.

What We Do

Our team has worked with ministries, union teams, district teams, school teams, corporate teams and individuals by providing thought leadership around new pedagogies and best practices. We have given keynotes nationally and internationally and don’t much care for worksheets. We believe “maker” is more of a culture than a space and love watching leaders, teachers and students engaged in hands on, kinaesthetic activities. Find out more at the link below.


Code Breaker has published a variety of best selling books including children’s books, leadership stories and computer science how to’s. Browse a list of our titles at the link below.


Do you have a story to tell? Have you written a book already? Are you looking for a publisher to bring your words to life? Reach out through our contact form at the link below.


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“All you need is one person to believe in you and the world is yours. Just one.”

Brian Aspinall