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Levelling the Playing Field and Inviting Creative Thought

“Iterate until success.” Justin WiedrickCode Breaker Ambassador Feeling locked into the public educational space that can seem to cover all types of learners with a blanket of expectations that do not promote creativity and reward students extrinsically, I decided to create my own version of an engineering creativity class for middle schoolers that gets outside […]

Release the Grip of Teaching

Children are born to learn. Step back and allow them that right. Donna McCance M.Ed.Code Breaker Ambassador Many times we learn by watching others. Operational learning happens when people model a behavior, and others learn by observing it.  Children are very impressionable, meaning they can be easily shaped and influenced. Watching others is how they […]


My heart put me in education. Their hearts made education the perfect fit. Mike Azzalina If I could go back to an alternate universe and meet the 16 year old version of myself, I would warn him of what was coming. He would be annoyed at the cautionary tales that he has heard since he […]