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Gracie Defines CS Vocabulary

Code Breaker Guest Blog by Laurie Guyon Teaching complex vocabulary to students is essential in education. It plays a crucial role in developing literacy skills, which students will use throughout their academic and professional careers. With a rich vocabulary, students can effectively communicate their ideas, understand more challenging texts, and increase their confidence in expressing […]

PM Award Winner Joins Code Breaker Inc.

PM Award Winner Joins Fastest Growing Indie Publisher and Consulting Company Daphne McMenemy is joining the ranks of Brian Aspinall in his efforts to continue to bring Code Breaker Inc. to the global stage. An educator for the past eighteen years, she lives her mission statement, “It is our responsibility as educators to give our […]

One More Thing

Code Breaker Guest Blog by Beth Smith “I don’t have time for one more thing.” I remember thinking and saying those exact words when technology integration was brought up in our district years ago. So I played the game. I borrowed the district BeeBots, did fun activities in Seesaw, used various apps at the suggestion […]