On the Blog…November 2021

The Team Continues to Grow

This past month we signed Jonathan So and Scott Nunes to the Code Breaker Leadership Team. Look for their upcoming books projects in 2022! In the meantime, check out our library from our incredible authors at codebreakeredu.com/books.

Every book in our catalogue is available at a discounted rate in bulk orders. Looking to stock a school, district, or event?

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Ambassador Program

Does this sound like you? Join our growing group of rockstar educators!

The Innovator’s Lounge

Our Code Breaker Leadership Lounge welcomes leaders in education from around the globe to collaborate, expand connections and grow their PLN.

Our weekly meetings – Fridays at 10amEST and every other Monday at 7pmEST – are a space for leaders to laugh, share, learn, vent, and connect with other leaders around all things education. Our host, Matthew X. Joseph, poses challenges that get all members thinking about what it means to lead.

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Connections Without Borders

Join @MatthewXJoseph & @sandra_donaghue for the Connections without Borders weekly Twitter #SlowChat. Follow #CodeBreaker for Qs & Flipgrid links every other Monday.

with Code Breaker

ROCKSOLAR was founded in the United States of America by a group of battery engineers. The crew later established the R&D Center, Industrial Design Center, Quality Control Center, and has been cooperating with manufacturing bases in China. ROCKSOLAR provides professional Portable Power Station solutions and system services for end-users. The crew’s expertise is in BMS (Battery Management System) design for the Lithium battery pack and DC to AC inverter technologies.

ROCKSOLAR’S mission is to provide portable power solutions to a global audience. Developed by a team of battery engineers, ROCKSOLAR is equipped with the latest innovations and provides tough design, elevated performance, exceptional quality, fumeless, and noiseless portable power stations. Visit our Code Breaker shop for discounts on ROCKSOLAR and more!

New Gracie Resources

Visit DiscoverGracie.com for new no-tech coding resources to use with your early learners in K-3 classrooms. Looking to add coding to your early learning program? Brian Aspinall and Daphne McMenemy bring a wealth of personal and professional experience in the K-3 and EdTech space. Fill out a contact form for inquiries and information about this and many other consulting and professional development opportunities.

On the Blog…October 2021

Our latest release hit shelves last month!

When Passion Meets Project

Follow Brian’s twenty year adventure as an educator and entrepreneur. From flipping computers in high school, to flipping apps in his twenties, to flipping real estate in his thirties, you won’t want to miss this roller coaster of a ride. Brian is transparent in his own learning and shares many secrets to financial freedom through his natural storytelling, humour, and passion. There is no such thing as failure when you hustle. The secret to growth is watching the landscape and learning to pivot. Click here to pick up your copy today! Available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover.

Welcome to our newest
Code Breaker Ambassadors

The Code Breaker Ambassador Program strives to lift the voices of those who embody our motto. Our ambassadors are risk takers. They disrupt the status quo. Code Breaker Ambassadors are a part of a global community of leaders in education who understand the importance of educating the whole child – mind, body and soul.

We’d like to welcome Brandon Perry, Ryan McGinnis, Kevin Pye, and Sandra Donaghue!

The Innovator’s Lounge:
Same Space, New Name

This past year we opened the Code Breaker Leadership Lounge. This sparked interest from educator’s around the globe, so we opened the Educator’s Lounge! This past summer we brought both together for our Summer Lounge Series. As we’ve welcomed back the school year, we renamed the space to the Innovator’s Lounge! It’s the same space, with a new name!

The Code Breaker Innovator’s Lounge, hosted by Dr. Matthew X. Joseph, is a weekly safe space for leaders in all facets of education to connect and collaborate with others and grow their PLN. This is a virtual space for classroom, building, and district leaders to laugh, share, learn, vent, and connect with other leaders around all things education.  

Connect with leaders from around the globe
Fridays 10amEST
Every other Monday at 7pmEST

#CodeBreaker Chat

Our weekly chat happens Tuesdays at 8pmEST. Our half hour chat follows the standard Q&A format from topics ranging across education. Do you have a great topic to share? Want to host a chat? Check us out on Twitter and DM us your details!

On the Editor’s Desk…

Up next on the Editor’s Desk is Fired Up Teachership by Michele Rispo Hill and Frank Rudnesky! This leadership reads aims to ignite the passion of our newest educators in the field and takes readers on a journey of remembering their “why”.

Erik Youngman brings us The Magic of Growth Mindset. This book empowers readers to focus on thinking, actions, and feelings to empower learning and improvement when encountering a misunderstanding, challenge, or mistake.

Matthew Woods brings us his series, I Wanna Be…
Have you ever imagined what you will be when you grow up? Hilton has. Have you ever wondered about all of the things you’ll need to do? Hilton has. Every night Hilton imagines what he will be when he grows up.

Visit codebreakeredu.com to browse our full library.

On the Blog…September 2021

Fighting Your Inner Voice

Regardless of the specifics of your journey, we have all struggled to fight an inner voice laden with self-doubt and criticism. So often that voice isolates, taunting us with a narrative that can be difficult to fight.

Filled with stories of struggle, pain and triumph, this book sets out to inspire others to find the strength to continue their own battles with an inner voice desperate to bring them down. Whether addiction, disease, infertility, or abuse, there is always a light; always someone else fighting a similar darkness. Fighting your inner voice will bring that darkness to the surface; help you realize the feelings you’ve had and the doubts you’ve experienced are not uncommon. It will validate your emotions, empower your ego and make you feel like your world is a little less lonely. It is a space to be heard, and more importantly, a space to be understood. Grab your copy today at our bookstore.

Our Code Breaker Leadership Team continues to grow! We’d like to extend a very warm welcome to Michele Rispo Hill, Matthew Woods, and Melissa Dean! Visit our Leadership Team page to learn more about the entire team!

Rosie and the Power of Positivity Team

Dr. Lori Koerner, author of Actually, I Can, brings us this new children’s read aloud about the power of positive thinking!

Join Rosie, the world’s newest superhero, on her journey to build her Power of Positivity team! Rosie helps her friends learn how to change their words and their thinking to build their confidence and change their mindset. This story of acceptance, inspiration, and inclusivity helps children learn how to shift their inner dialogue from I can’t and I’m not to I Can and I Am. Grab your copy today at our bookstore.

Code Breaker Presents…

Summer Camp!

Did you miss our Summer Camp or feel like reliving the awesomeness? Check out some of the day’s highlights!


🛒 Back to School Shopping 🛒

We’ve partnered with Logics Academy and Robotical to bring you amazing products to enhance student engagement in all things STEM, coding, and robotics!

Logics Academy is a Canadian Leader in providing K-12 STEM, Robotics, and Coding solutions and in developing rich, comprehensive learning materials for students in the classroom and at home. Their mission is to inspire children to be innovators, creators, and critical thinkers. Visit our affiliate page for more info and shop codes for great discounts with our friends at Logics!

Back in 2016, Marty the Robot was just an idea. Today, thanks to the team at Robotical, it’s a leading STEM resource that can be found in over 1,000 schools around the world. Marty has been an international phenomenon from the start, and today more than 7,000 Martys have been sold with distributors across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America. Marty can be found in over 1,000 schools around the world moving and grooving to Scratch and Python. Visit our affiliate page for more info and shop codes for great discounts with our friends at Robotical!