On the Blog…November 2021

The Team Continues to Grow

This past month we signed Jonathan So and Scott Nunes to the Code Breaker Leadership Team. Look for their upcoming books projects in 2022! In the meantime, check out our library from our incredible authors at codebreakeredu.com/books.

Every book in our catalogue is available at a discounted rate in bulk orders. Looking to stock a school, district, or event?

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Ambassador Program

Does this sound like you? Join our growing group of rockstar educators!

The Innovator’s Lounge

Our Code Breaker Leadership Lounge welcomes leaders in education from around the globe to collaborate, expand connections and grow their PLN.

Our weekly meetings – Fridays at 10amEST and every other Monday at 7pmEST – are a space for leaders to laugh, share, learn, vent, and connect with other leaders around all things education. Our host, Matthew X. Joseph, poses challenges that get all members thinking about what it means to lead.

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Connections Without Borders

Join @MatthewXJoseph & @sandra_donaghue for the Connections without Borders weekly Twitter #SlowChat. Follow #CodeBreaker for Qs & Flipgrid links every other Monday.

with Code Breaker

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New Gracie Resources

Visit DiscoverGracie.com for new no-tech coding resources to use with your early learners in K-3 classrooms. Looking to add coding to your early learning program? Brian Aspinall and Daphne McMenemy bring a wealth of personal and professional experience in the K-3 and EdTech space. Fill out a contact form for inquiries and information about this and many other consulting and professional development opportunities.