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Lifelong learning requires effort. Collaboration as a method of learning has been a fabric of education for years. With today’s technology, our ability to connect is limitless. With an openness to learn, anyone can begin to expand their knowledge by being part of a Professional Learning Network.

A PLN is a mindset; it is not a one-shot association. When managed well, these connections can help educational leaders innovate in their classrooms, schools, and beyond to improve student outcomes. Power of Connections is an opportunity to take your professional relationships to the next level. This book will empower your growth by putting your personalized professional development ideas into your own hands. This book is about the IMPACT – Inspiration, Meaningful, Passionate, Authentic, Care, Today & Tomorrow – connecting with others will have on you. These IMPACT components are the heart of connecting and it is the impact itself that proves just how powerful these connections can be. Dr. Matthew X. Joseph’s latest title is due out later this week! Pick up your copy here.

We are thrilled to welcome Brett Salakas to the Code Breaker Leadership Team. Uniquely experienced, Brett’s innovation, curriculum insight and passion to deliver results set him apart. His reputation for innovation in the education industry is truly global. Brett’s current project brings his mission of connection, collaboration, and inspiration to life.

Matthew J. Bowerman believes that Heart Leadership is living out the mission of love, compassionately guiding our students’ academic and social-emotional wellness. His upcoming project, Heartleader, is driven by the belief that kids come first everyday, and from the moment they show up it’s all about authentic relationships, all about authentic love. Stay tuned to our socials for updates and release details!

Ambassador Program

The Code Breaker Ambassador Program strives to lift the voices of those who embody our motto. Our ambassadors are risk takers. They disrupt the status quo.

Code Breaker Ambassadors are a part of a global community of leaders in education who understand the importance of educating the whole child – mind, body and soul.

Visit our Ambassador page to learn more about our program and meet our newest Ambassadors.

Personal Professional PD

Applying and integrating critical thinking into learning and instruction will allow for students’ independence and create greater relevance for their lessons.

In our latest addition to our course line-up, Dr. Matthew X. Joseph empowers you to build an inquiry-based virtual environment Enrol in the course for FREE today!

On the Editor’s Desk

Dr. Lori Koerner, author of Actually, I Can, takes her first project to new levels with Rosie and the Power of Positivity Team, an Actually, I Can children’s book.

Audiences will meet Rosie and her friends as they discover their superpowers and become a part of the newest superhero squad, The Power of Positivity Team! Stay tuned to our socials for updates!

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