PVNC Press Release

Canada’s Fastest Growing EdTech Consulting Company To Teach 1500 Ontario Students How To Code

Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT are quickly consuming classroom conversations all over the globe but without much talk about assessment and evaluation, Code Breaker’s Brian Aspinall doesn’t predict much to change.

“We continue to preach risk taking and embracing failure but so many students and educators live, breathe, and work within systems in which failure is punished and there is far too much risk in not getting the grade.”

The Code Breaker team, lead by Brian Aspinall and Daphne McMenemy, recently spent three full days working with educators from the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic School Board to develop multiple ways to integrate Computer Science learning into elementary classrooms. 

“This was the most meaningful pd I’ve attended in a while,” said one participant. “Their knowledge of curriculum connections was outstanding and inspiring!”

Following the onsite visits, the team from Code Breaker is on schedule to deliver 8 virtual coding workshops to over 1500 grades 2 and 4  students from 70+ classrooms from the Peterborough, Ontario area.

“If you can learn to code, you can code to learn,” Aspinall says with regards to starting coding as early as kindergarten. 

The vision of the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington (PVNC) Catholic District School Board is to create a culture of faith, hope, and love to ensure equity and well-being.

Code Breaker Inc. has become a consulting and publishing powerhouse in the education space across the globe. Offering professional development from an array of backgrounds, experiences, cultures and climates, and providing quality leadership, consulting, keynotes, and workshops, the company embodies its mission statement in every way.

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