On the Blog…January 2022

New Year, Same You

Take some time as you ring in 2022 to look in the mirror and make a list of everything great about you! The goal to self-improvement is not the latest self-help book, finding cheerleaders, or changing who you are for others. Self-improvement comes from reflection, embracing your uniqueness, and empowering yourself to make mistakes, and learn from them.

“It’s okay to be where you are. It’s not okay to stay there.”

Brian Aspinall

Our Kid Collection Grows by Eight!

December saw the re-release of one of our favourites from the Code Breaker Kid Collection. Brian Aspinall and Deanna McLennan released a second edition of Think Like a Coder.

Coding is everywhere! Follow along with a girl and her dog as they explore computational thinking in their everyday activities. CCoding is everywhere! Follow along with Code Barker and his human as they explore computational thinking in their everyday activities. Readers will discover that so much of what they do everyday – cooking, playing, and even being outdoors – provides opportunities to explore and problem solve and most importantly, think like a coder! Pick up your copy today at www.CodeBreakerEDU.com/books.

Work hard and proudly recognize progress.
Reflect, adapt, and self-assess.
Courageously overcome challenges by
maximizing the power of YET.
Creatively persevere with a growth mindset. 

Erik Youngman released The Magic of Growth Mindset last month. His book, targeted at fourth to eighth grade readers, inspires us to focus on thinking, actions, and feelings to empower learning and improvement when encountering a misunderstanding, challenge, or mistake. Examples and questions empower courageous and reflective perseverance to identify new opportunities as well as changes to make. Rhymes help prepare readers to creatively and empathetically adapt with a growth mindset, while resiliently embracing challenges, adversity, and disappointment. Identify sentences you can read again for daily motivation, thus guiding your attention, adaptation, communication, reflection, and appreciation. Pick up your copy today at www.CodeBreakerEDU.com/books.

Meet hilton…a little boy with big dreams!

Have you ever imagined what you will be when you grow up? Hilton has. Have you ever wondered about all of the things you’ll need to do? Hilton has. Every night Hilton imagines what he will be when he grows up. Follow along in Matthew Woods’ six book series as Hilton discovers a new world every night!

Our Code Breaker Leadership Team Continues to Grow

Last month we welcomed three new members, Libo Valencia and Chey and Pav of the Chey and Pav show, to our growing team of leaders. Libo is a mathematics educator from New York. He is known for his use of different technologies to engage his students and bring math concepts to life. Chey Cheney and Pav Wander are two middle school teachers from Toronto, Canada with a passion for elevating and amplifying student voice while honouring students lived experiences and identity. Learn more about them and all of our Leadership Team at www.CodeBreakerEDU.com

December saw the launch of our newest imprint, X-Factor Publishing, headed by Dr. Matthew X. Joseph. The company’s first book, Stronger Together, was released shortly thereafter. Learn more about X-Factor at xfactoredu.org.