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Our inaugural Code Breaker Power Summit took place July 20 – 22, 2020.
We had leaders in education from across the continent ready to motivate and inspire across three amazing days.
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The Code Breaker Power Summit 2020 was absolutely inspiring! A wide range of awesomeness; from the content to incorporate in the classroom from educators; to the meaningful leadership skills from exceptional administrators; and the personal stories from these amazing human beings who have dedicated their lives to making a difference. They put relationships first, with an overall mission to empower students. By no means was this a technology conference, but as Brian Aspinall himself said, it was more of an Empathy Summit.

With everything going on in education…this truly inspired me to continue doing what I love because it’s for the children. I feel so lucky to have been a part of this amazing group of educators.”

Although the conference took place over zoom, it felt as though a group of friends were sitting together and sharing stories, experiences, lessons, and even some wicked dance moves.” 

After three days of #CodeBreaker, I’m ready to jump onto the #RoadToAwesome; to always follow the #ChooseToBeYou mindset; to constantly push myself to be #ChasingGreatness; all while knowing we work #BetterTogether. I am currently a teacher candidate who feels encouraged and inspired to carry everything that I have learned from this community to help grow into the educator I aspire to be as I begin to enter this profession! 

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