With Brian Aspinall "You Just Start." (S2, E9) Unlocking Unlimited Potential Stories

Your story is so important to your journey. In this show, we dive into the stories of others which serve as the foundation behind these innovative thought leaders. In Season 2, Episode 9 of the Unlocking Unlimited Potential STORIES Show, Dr. Brandon Beck and special guest, Brian Aspinall, (@Mr_Aspinall) have an insightful and inspiring conversation. Brian is an educator, a TEDx Speaker, real estate investor, CEO and Founder of Codebreaker Inc, and so much more!  He is also the author of Codebreaker, Block Breaker, and Risk Taker. In this episode, Brian talks about his leap from the public school classroom to university. His work with Codebreaker has taken him all over the world and his seeing the unlimited potential in it led him to leave his role as a professor in order to focus 100% on CodeBreaker Inc. Listen in as Brian discusses this leap and the intricacies behind it which has led him to living a life of purpose and service towards helping other educators continue to disrupt and lead from the heart.   #UUPotential Dedication: This episode is dedicated to Brett Salakas (@MrSalakas) an Australian educator and author at CodeBreaker Inc. who can also be found leading the #AussieED chat, and @WorldSTEMedu Tune into this insightful conversation, and tag @BrandonBeckEDU to continue the conversation and stay connected. Continue to Live with Passion, Purpose, and focus on the importance of serving others. If you are looking for an opportunity to connect further with Brandon Beck. Please visit BrandonBeckEDU.com to learn more about his speaking, coaching, consulting, and other offerings that are designed to help you and your organization find greater results in your journey. #UUPotential
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Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.

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