With Coach Jim Johnson "Do It For The Right Reasons" (E31) Unlocking Unlimited Potential Stories

In Episode 31 of the Unlocking Unlimited Potential STORIES Show, Dr. Brandon Beck and special guest, Coach Jim Johnson (@CoachJimJohnson), have an insightful and inspiring conversation. Coach Jim Johnson is a former teacher and High School Basketball Coach in upstate New York. In 2006, he had an autistic player on his basketball team whose story changed the lives of so many. It was covered by ESPN and was a powerful moment in Jim's career which led him to being a motivational speaker and leadership coach. In this episode, Jim describes the story behind how his taking a risk turned into an unlocking unlimited potential moment. Jim’s book “A Coach and a Miracle” is endorsed by Dick Vitale, Jeff Van Gundy, Billy Donovan, and other NBA and Collegiate Basketball Coaches. He talks about how the life lessons he learned on the basketball court transition into leadership and beyond. He is an incredible example of what it means to unlock unlimited potential in all whom he serves. Unlocking Unlimited Potential Stories Show dedication to the one and only, Jason McElwain, the player who is at the core of this story. Tune into this insightful conversation, and tag @BrandonBeckEDU to continue the conversation and stay connected. Continue to Live with Passion, Purpose, and focus on the importance of serving others. If you are looking for an opportunity to connect further with Brandon Beck. Please visit BrandonBeckEDU.com to learn more about his speaking, coaching, consulting, and other offerings that are designed to help you and your organization find greater results in your journey. #UUPotential Autism Up Rochester Organization: https://autismup.org/ CoachJimJohnson.com
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