Chapter 18: Time to Reflect The Prequel

We are back for another episode of "The Prequel" and Mike is looking back to look ahead. He reminds us that sometimes in life, reflection can take us further than rushing too far ahead of ourselves. The ability to slow down and understand the experiences we confront on our journeys help us learn how to show up down the road.Subscribe to the YouTube Channel and follow, rate wherever you get your podcasts! Don't forget to pick up merchandise from Mike's online shop: don't forget to follow Mike on the following social media platforms:- Twitter:  @MikeAzzalina- Facebook: Mike Azzalina- Instagram: @azzalinam- TikTok: @MikeAzzalina5- LinkedIn: Mike Azzalina-
  1. Chapter 18: Time to Reflect
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  4. Chapter 15: Be the One
  5. Chapter 14: Weight of the Challenge
  6. Chapter 13: Choices
  7. Chapter 12: Be Yourself
  8. Chapter 11: Reach Out
  9. Chapter 10: Be Ready to Adjust
  10. Chapter 9: Dealing with Uncertainty

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