SPIRALS of INQUIRY with ASHLEY AOKI Teachers on Fire

ASHLEY AOKI is a settler and educator in School District #67 in British Columbia. She currently serves on the leadership team at the Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education, and is passionate about educating for quality and equity so all learners can thrive. Join this conversation to learn how spirals of professional inquiry are changing Ashley's work and setting her on a new mission of collaboration. Welcome to Teachers on Fire interviews, airing LIVE on YouTube every Saturday morning at 9:00 Pacific and 12:00 Eastern! Join the conversation and add your comments to the broadcast. In This Conversation: 0:57 – Ashley describes her current teaching context in Penticton. 3:19 – A story of adversity that Ashley faced in her education journey 6:14 – What is NOIIE? All about the Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education 11:30 – More about Leading Through Spirals of Inquiry (by Kaser and Halbert) 12:45 – What IS a Spiral of Inquiry and what does it look like? 13:35 – What makes the Spiral of Inquiry such a powerful vehicle for professional learning 21:28 – Our next step toward reconciliation in education 25:20 – What's setting Ashley on fire: the upcoming Spirals of Inquiry Podcast (January 2024) 29:30 – Ashley's next step of professional development: administrative leadership 32:37 – A new support to her wellness: an oura ring 35:52 – Activities outside of the school that Ashley enjoys: running, reading, skate-skiing 37:01 – What is skate-skiing? 38:31 – One person to follow on X: Trevor MacKenzie 38:39 – An edtech tool pick: MyBlueprint 39:01 – A book recommendation: Feeling Seen by Dr. Jody Carrington 39:20 – Podcast picks: Free Range Humans and We Can Do Hard Things 40:20 – A YouTube channel selection 42:14 – The best ways to connect with Ashley online Connect with Me: On X @TeachersOnFire (https://X.com/TeachersOnFire) On Facebook @TeachersOnFire (https://www.facebook.com/TeachersOnFire/) On YouTube @Teachers On Fire (https://www.youtube.com/@teachersonfire) On LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/timwcavey/ Visit the home of Teachers on Fire at https://teachersonfire.net/. SONG TRACK CREDIT GO! by Neffex *All songs retrieved from the YouTube Audio Library at https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/teachersonfire/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/teachersonfire/support
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