STEM Everyday #215 | Humanizing Math with VR | feat. Anurupa Ganguly STEM Everyday

There's been a lot of talk about how technology can help change education, without a lot of "how" behind it. Some schools are using VR technology to put students in immersive situations where the content being taught is connected to emotion & experience. Anurupa Ganguly created PrismsVR to radically change how lessons are "taught" and help kids be immersed in their learning! Check out the trailer for what a PrismsVR module is likeAnurupa's entry point to Education began as a Physics and Math teacher in the Boston Public Schools. For 10+ years since then, Anurupa has led STEM curriculum and teacher preparation across the largest educational systems in the US including the NYC DOE, Boston Public Schools and Success Academy Charter Schools. Through her experience as a district and charter administrator, she found that she did not have the learning tools to deliver the outcomes her leaders and teachers were accountable for, and the personal sense-making journeys that students deserve while developing foundational mathematical reasoning & proficiencies. She was awarded a National Science Foundation SBIR grant to build a scalable learning platform that actualizes pedagogies that we know work best, but weren't possible until recent advances in IVR and AI technologies. Her mission is to rapidly improve student performance and  engagement in the mathematical sciences while crafting the instructor aids and training required to operationalize innovative technologies in the classroom. Anurupa holds a BS & M.Eng in electrical engineering from MIT and an EdM in Curriculum & Teaching from Boston University.Connect with Anurupa & PrismsVR:Website prismsvr.comYouTube  @prismsofrealityInstagram @prismsofrealityChris Woods is the host of the STEM Everyday Podcast… Connect with him:dailystem.comtwitterinstagramyoutubeGet Chris's book Daily STEM on AmazonSupport the show (
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