STEM Everyday #248 | Starting with CAD | feat. Josh Manley & Jake Sugden STEM Everyday

CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is how the world designs ideas that turn into products and projects. There are a number of CAD software choices of all levels that are available to use (Tinkercad, Fusion 360, OnShape, AutoCAD, Solidworks, etc) to translate ideas from the mind to the screen.Josh Manley is a CNC professor, makerspace educator, and the co-owner of He has been teaching CAD modeling to makers for years, and is hoping to build conversations with other makers and educators about bringing CAD to more classrooms.Jake Sugden is a mechanical engineer and lifelong maker with a passion for engineering and design. He has taught many making skills at one of the premier makerspaces in the US and is the other half of the team.Their online "Ultimate Online Fusion 360 CAD School" includes 28 step-by-step CAD projects to help anyone quickly master Fusion 360 and start building great ideas!In June of 2023, their book Mastering Fusion 360 was released to make the lessons on the website even easier to incorporate into your design skills.Josh and Jake are always happy to answer questions, talk shop, or discuss collaborations. And if you need help with something for your school, contact them via email Create@CADClass.orgConnect with Josh & Jake :Website cadclass.orgTwitter @cad_classYouTube Woods is the host of the STEM Everyday Podcast… Connect with him:Website: dailystem.comTwitter: @dailystemInstagram: @dailystemYouTube: youtubeGet Chris's book Daily STEM on AmazonSupport the show
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