STEM Everyday #266 | SpaceKids Global | feat. Sharon Hagle STEM Everyday

There are 3.5 million STEM jobs that need to be filled by 2025 in the United States.* Studies show that if children aren't exposed to math and science at an age of seven, they'll lose interest. SpaceKids Global is on a mission to ensure every child is ready to enter the space age.Sharon Hagle, entrepreneur and astronaut, founded SpaceKids Global™ in 2015 with the mission to inspire STEAM+ Environment Education, with the goal of bringing the possibility of space to children. Sharon shares her journey to space and introduces students through speaking engagements at schools, nonprofit youth organizations, science centers, universities and space organizations. To date, Sharon has reached over 700,000 students globally.The SpaceKids Press Squad (SKPS) is a national competition hosted by SpaceKidsGlobal. Eight U.S. students age 8-12, plus one parent or legal guardian for each, will be selected for an exclusive opportunity to witness a launch from Blue Origin’s Mission Control at Kennedy Space Center. Students selected will form the Press Squad and transform into space reporters with the unique access to interview astronauts and various Blue Origin astronauts and staff. Learn more: with SpaceKids Global:Website: www.spacekids.globalInformation about the Press Squad: @spacekidsglobalYouTube: @thespacekidsglobalInstagram: @spacekidsglobalChris Woods is the host of the STEM Everyday Podcast… Connect with him:Website: dailystem.comTwitter/X: @dailystemInstagram: @dailystemYouTube: @dailystemGet Chris's book Daily STEM on AmazonSupport the Show.
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