The Summer Series with Andrea Samadi The Staffroom Podcast with Chey & Pav

In the fifth episode of The Staffroom Podcast Summer Series, Chey and Pav talk to Andrea Samadi, Educator, Author and Host of the Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast in Chandler, Arizona, but originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! The Dynamic Duo talks to Andrea about the links between Neuroscience and SEL, and all the great learning she has done in this area through her podcast and personalized learning journey as it pertains to education and even sports! A phenomenal conversation to get us thinking more about Social and Emotional Learning from a more scientific and research-based lens.  Here's how you can get in touch with Andrea: Twitter: @AndreaSamadi Website: Stay connected with Chey and Pav! Tell us about your reflections from this episode – reach us at or on Twitter @StaffPodcast! We'd love to hear from you.
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