EP96: Technology Under Review featuring Guest Host Tim Cavey The Staffroom Podcast with Chey & Pav

In this very special episode of The Staffroom Podcast, Pav is joined by Tim Cavey, educator and host of the Teachers on Fire podcast, co-hosting all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia for a great conversation centered around EdTech. Episode 96 brings into focus the value and hype that come with EdTech tools, all the way from integrated teaching tools like Padlet and Seesaw, to social media platforms like TikTok. Tim and Pav start by discussing whether or not EdTech is indeed way too "hyped" in our Covid teaching experience, and talk about the perspectives of agreement, and then also explore the opposite stance. They then discuss the abundance, or perhaps some would say, over-abundance of EdTech tools that are available to educators today. Tim and Pav round out their conversation by discussing Social Media, which can be a sensitive topic for so many educators, but also can be of such value in the teaching space.  This conversation is not only informative, but also filled with lots of fun comedy to keep you fully entertained! Be sure to stay in touch with Tim through his website, podcast and all the incredible work he is doing within Education!  Teachers on Fire website The Podcast A rich discussion with several a-ha! moments throughout! Tune into this great chat, and always be a part of it by tagging @StaffPodcast #TheStaffroomPodcast on Twitter! Tell us what you think, interact, and give us your feedback and reflections. Check out podcast episodes, Chey & Pav's LIVE radio show: The Drive on VoicEd Radio, blog and all the other amazing things they are up to at CheyandPav.com! Are You Looking for Presenters? As we embark on a new school year, and an evolving way of teaching and learning, there's value in finding great teacher created professional development to deliver to peers. Chey and Pav offer a few great presentations that they offer, and can do for your school or district, either in person or virtually. Here are some of the topics they currently are covering for staff and administrators: Math and Social Emotional Learning: The Key Elements, Teaching Pedagogy and Assessment Pieces Rediscover Your Voice: Enhancing your Teaching Practice through Podcasting Addressing Racism, Supporting Identity Work and Creating Inclusive Learning Spaces Vision and Mission: Application to Teaching Practice Digital Storytelling – Culturally Responsive Photography and Photo-Editing There's so much to talk and learn about! Chey and Pav can develop a PD session or conversation starter based on any topics they've discussed on The Staffroom Podcast! Please reach out to us at info@CheyandPav.com for more information and to schedule your learning session with this Dynamic Duo! Chey and Pav Educational Services, Inc. 
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