In Episode 112, Chey and Pav discuss an important community building practice, known as "Restorative Circles." They talk about an experience in the classroom that led them to explore their understanding of this relationship and trust reliant practice, and what some of the possible outcomes are of this endeavour. Chey and Pav discuss the importance as well as the necessary scaffolding that is necessary in order to engage in Restorative Practices, and humbly share their own vulnerabilities with the process.  The Chey and Pav Show! A rich discussion with several a-ha! moments throughout. Tune into this great chat, and as always, be a part of it by tagging @StaffPodcast #TheStaffroomPodcast on Twitter! Tell us what you think, interact, and give us your feedback and reflections. Check out our podcast episodes, Chey & Pav's LIVE radio show, "The Drive on VoicEd Radio," our Blog and all the other amazing things they are up to at! If you're looking for dynamic presenters for professional development or a seminar for a conference, please reach out to us at Chey and Pav Educational Services, Inc.
  1. Restorative Circles – 112
  2. Dwayne Morgan on the Power of The Spoken Word – 111
  3. The Magnificent Microphone – 110
  4. Monsieur Steve Talks about his Journey in Education! – 109
  5. Safe Spaces or Brave Spaces? – 108
  6. The Hip Hop Headucatorz talk Rhythm.And.Poetry – 107
  7. Using TikTok in the Classroom – 106
  8. Setting Up A Culture of Reading – 105
  9. The Value of Honouring Oral Content – 104
  10. One Word 2022: Responsive – 103

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.

Marie Curie