S2-06: Connect to Grow SEEing to Lead

An educator with over twenty years of experience, Debbie Tannenbaum works each and every day to “transform” learning using technology. During her time in education, she has served  both as a classroom teacher in various grades and as an elementary technology coach. Outside of the classroom, Debbie promotes using technology tools to amplify student learning in her work as an educational technology consultant, author, blogger and speaker. You can connect with Debbie at TannenbaumTech.com. Key Takeaways: TRANSFORM as an acronym for how to evolve into a better educator and leader. You have to overcome the uncertainty of being connected if you want to improve. Start simple with activities such as "tweet and eat" when introducing new tools strategies for technology. Pay attention to the difference between having time and allowing time. Make sure you are modeling the expectations that you are setting forth. We can't engage others unless we ourselves are engaged first. Getting people to offer their voice is all about culture and relationships. Show teachers they can do things by modeling and get them connected for other models. Connect: Twitter: @TannenbaumTech Instagram: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tannenbaumtech/ LinkedIn: @TannenbaumTech Website: https://www.tannenbaumtech.com/ Book:  TRANSFORM: Techy Notes to Make Learning Sticky  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
  1. S2-06: Connect to Grow
  2. S2-05 It's OK
  3. S2-04: The Human Side of Changing Education
  4. S2-03: Listen, Learn, and Lead
  5. S2-02: Community Learning and Gratitude
  6. S2-01: Keeping It Real
  7. 052 – Major Changes for Education
  8. 051 – Teacher Engagement and Divergent Thinking
  9. 050 – Make Tech Purposeful
  10. 049 – The Technology Toolbelt

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