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Kelly Chase is a high school history teacher and middle leader. She is the creator of the History Detective Podcast and more recently the History Detective YouTube channel which is a classroom ready teaching resource that teachers can use in both their classroom and online learning environments. Kelly started her teaching journey as an English as a Second Language teacher in Japan and eventually made the switch to high school where she fell in love with teaching history. She has a passion for both First Nations Australian history and women’s history. Kelly is just about to release her first book "History, Her Story, Our Story: Inspirational Women Who Shaped Our World."Key Takeaways: Podcasts represent a "choose your own adventure" medium from which students are able to learn. Podcasts can offer a higher level of accessibility to a higher number of students. Podcasts are very useful in the classroom for students to create as well. However, if teachers want to create their own to use in the classroom it can be a lot of work. It's not just about teaching the perspective of underrepresented groups, but doing so in a fashion that it creates allies for those groups moving forward due to a new perspective. It's important to realize that there are different perspectives even within the same group and that needs to be highlighted. There's a lot of merit in sharing instructional practices and utilizing people in your building for professional development. You can't continually teach the same way year after year based on the diversity that you have in your class each year. You have to continually adjust and tweak the strategies you use. Stay in Touch:TwitterLinktr.eeYouTubeSEEing to Lead Extras!Like the content, want to be a guest, or know someone who would? Reach out to me on Twitter at @DrCSJonesHave you taken the time to order and read my latest book!Seeing to Lead is filled with practical resources and personal stories to help you support, engage, and empower those you lead no matter your position!Jimmy Casas said, "If you are a leader who is looking to support, engage and empower your staff, then SEEing to Lead, by Dr. Chris Jones, is a book you will want to pick up and read. Dr. Jones reminds us that building capacity and helping others achieve personal success is the key to elevating your organization and leaving a lasting impact."Get your copy here! Don't forget to leave a rating and review for others. I would appreciate it!Subscribe to My Newsletter!We are all busy, often unsupported, and struggle to stay engaged! Here is a weekly resource that has something to support, engage, and empower you. Not to mention it saves you time by getting to the point! Increase your focus and become a better leader; no matter your position. Check it out here!Get in touch to schedule me for a workshop or presentation!Don't forget to hit the subscribe button on this podcast and leave a rating so others can benefit!
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