Season 2, EP #7: Traniece Brown-Warrens The Principal Leadership Lab

Join Adam & Jeff as they have a fantastic conversation with Jackson Middle School Assistant Principal and Executive Leadership Ed.D. Scholar at Baylor University, Traniece Brown-Warrens! #OwningMyStory "Teachers are in a unique position to positively influence the lives of young people," said U.S. Congressman Gene Green. "It's evident that Ms. Brown-Warrens is committed to the education of her students and their future." LEADERSHIP JOURNEY Never saw herself going into education 1st teaching assignment in SPED Taught 8th grade Former Athlete – PG on the basketball court Former Department Chair – Social Studies “Came down to what I wanted” – her thoughts when choosing career path Teacher Specialist – AP without the title Spent some time in the District Office for a while Self-Awareness  Loves the interaction with kids Really had to learn a lot about her capacity Thoughts on Priorities – one of them is going to be last. Don’t always have to be in the same order. What are your 5 major priorities? “As leaders, it’s very easy to put ourselves last.” “Recognize the season that you are in” This will dictate the priority When we don’t know who we are, bad things can happen. “How is this adding or subtracting from the experience you are giving to kids?” – in response to how to respond to teachers taking on everything, saying YES to everything “Your NEXT will always come” WHY this position? You have to be self-aware. LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE OR OPPORTUNITY Owning My Story – recognizing that I am enough. Only Black female on her school campus "Victim or victor" – LOVE HOPEFUL That we will touch a generation that seeks education as a profession.  We are a willing billboard. GUEST CONTACT INFORMATION Traniece Brown-Warrens on Twitter HOST CONTACT INFORMATION INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
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