Season 2: EP. 1 – Dr. Mike Gaskell The Principal Leadership Lab

Join Adam and Jeff as we dive into Season 2 of The Principal Leadership Lab with Dr. Michael Gaskell! Mike is Principal at Hammarskjold Middle School in East Brunswick, NJ. following experience as a special educator and assistant principal in Paramus, NJ. He continues to model the pursuit of lifelong learning as he serves to mentor new principals through the New Jersey Leaders to Leaders program. An NJPSA Stars recipient, he has been published in over 2 dozen articles in education journals and blogs, including eSchoolNews, NASSP, Edtech and ASCD Smartbrief, he has made the most-read section of ASCD Smartbrief numerous times. Mike had a book published in October, 2020 (Microstrategy Magic), and a second book publishing in September 2021 (Leading Schools Through Trauma). Dr. Gaskell works tirelessly to support instructional excellence and student success, for his school community, and most importantly, for the wellness and equity of all children. Handles: Twitter: GaskellMGaskell LinkedIn: michael-gaskell-922711100 Instagram: mgaskell0 Email: Website:
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