Episode 40 – Daphne McMenemy – Who is Gracie? The Principal Leadership Lab

Join Adam & Jeff as we speak with Daphne McMenemy!  Living in Oakville, which is 45 minutes outside of Toronto, Canadian, Daphne is an educator, author, speaker and the Managing Director of Code Breaker, Inc. Learn more about Daphne here:  Daphne’s Educator Journey 15 years ago, teaching primary – K-3; 3,1, & finally KDG Looping – teaching kids two years in a row Learned this was exactly where she was supposed to be – KDG ½ day vs. full-day Back teaching 1,2 grades now Books: Gracie, What Happens When I Learn to Code, Grace: The Maker Who is Gracie based on?  Started over a twitter DM with Brian Aspinall When do you start writing a book…you just start. Gracie is based upon four different students. Grace Hopper is one of the first female programmers. Perseverance and collaboration Young students can solve problems and use higher order thinking. Many personal attributes are woven within the story. CodeBreaker, Inc Leadership doesn’t mean administrator Kid first, not content. Foster risk taking Educational/Leadership Challenge 8 years in, needed a change, discovered EdTech Lone Wolf at her school at the time (with EdTech) Plowed ahead, didn’t pay attention to her colleague’s pushback Even if you are right, to keep thinking that you are and saying that you are can hinder your progress and burn bridges What I learned is that I had isolated myself As soon as I became a listener, I became a learner Hopeful….that a result of the massive changes that educators are seeing in education in another way for the betterment of our children. GUEST CONTACT INFO: Daphne McMenemy Twitter Website HOST CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
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