The teacher’s journey. The ever and every journey. It is ever without end. It is within every each. It’s our journey, where somewhere along the way we discover it’s not about being great or even good, it’s about becoming better. From our day one to our next period to our year twenty and beyond, our work  simply  centers  on  our  next  better.  And our journey continues, one better at a time. 

Indeed, we become better teachers, not better than him, her, or them–not better than anyone. We are just better than we were. Good and great tend to become only and empty ends. So, instead, we chase our next better around the bend.

Of course, I didn’t fully understand this in the fall of 2016 when I began what would become a five-year journey into the blogosphere, believing I could change education with Project 180. I thought if I could turn education upside down, I could return it right side up. But what turned up instead was in front of me all along. Better.

This is a book about better.

Do. Reflect. Do better.

Monte Syrie • Project 180