Monte Syrie

Better. That is the teacher’s journey. Good and great suggest an end. But there is no end, only better. And that is our beautiful journey. So we chase better.

Monte Syrie has been chasing better in the classroom for 25 years. His long journey to better began in Royal City, Washington in the fall of 1996 where he was a middle school ELA teacher for 7 years. In 2003, he had a chance to move back to his hometown of Cheney, Washington to teach high school ELA at his alma mater. Today, he is still there at home chasing better, one step at a time.

Ever an advocate for challenging the status quo in education, Monte started Project 180 in the fall of 2016, a journey he has documented on his daily blog. Unsettled by the notion that things in education have to be because they’ve always been, he set out to find better for himself and his students, discovering along the way the promise, potential, and possibility in the humanization of the educational experience. He hopes his discoveries from his “do-reflect-do better” approach to education, and life, inspire others on their own journeys to better.

Do. Reflect. Do Better.



It’s a beautiful day for smiles and frowns.