Lindsay Titus

I empower educators to trust in who they are authentically, and believe that every educator can create a life of pure passion and purpose inside and outside of the classroom. When you define who you are from within, you create your legacy for others to follow!

Lindsay Titus is a passionate, inspirational educator specializing in the field of behavior analysis. She is driven every single day to teach other educators how to transform connections and relationships with all students. Her ultimate goal as a behavior specialist is to inspire other educators to recognize that all students have a story to share. By owning our truth as educators, Lindsay believes that all educators can be the power of hope that so many of our students need. Over the past 15 years, Lindsay has worked as a classroom teacher and behavior specialist in public schools, residential and private settings, and shares her passion for her profession through her own experiences to help guide, motivate and encourage other educators to use their own personal stories to create connections and relationships with others. As a board certified behavior analyst with a Master’s in Special Education, Lindsay works every day to share simple yet strategic tools and strategies with educators so they too can feel confident in who they are as educators, and strengthen the connections with their students every single day. Lindsay is an entrepreneur, whose passion drives her ability to coach educators on how to define themselves from their inner-authentic selves. By helping educators to redefine who they are, Lindsay helps to ignite the inner-spark we all hold as educators, and helps educators transform their lives by finding their authentic purpose and passion inside and outside of the classroom setting.



Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein