John Sammon

Collectively, we have the power to assist each other in surpassing our perceived limits, encouraging growth beyond what we individually imagine possible..

John Sammon has a distinguished career spanning over two decades. Currently serving as a STEAM Professional Development Specialist in his current district in New York, John has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing educational standards as he works in classrooms and engages with students everyday.

John has been a classroom teacher for grades 3-6, and has moved into pivotal roles like a Literacy Coach and a District Wide Professional Development Specialist. John’s forte lies in crafting comprehensive Project-Based Learning (PBL) units, a reflection of his dedication to innovative teaching approaches.

An advocate for Design Thinking, PBL, and STEAM practices, John actively fosters cross-disciplinary, as well as 21st Century skills among students. His involvement in district-wide transformation teams has contributed significantly to the evolution of educational methodologies on a broader scale.

Beyond the building, John has shared his expertise at national and state-level conferences including, ISTE Creative Constructor Lab in 2020, NYSCATE Annual Conference for consecutive years from 2020 to 2023. Additionally, John has had the honor of participating in the Curriculum & Associates Annual Symposium in 2023. 

A classroom teacher and collaborator at heart, John has co-authored numerous articles deeply rooted in the practical applications of STEAM and PBL. His work reflects a profound intent to facilitate authentic learning experiences, encouraging children to engage with fundamental questions about the world and the intriguing ways humans have explored and unraveled these questions.




STEAM education is the ultimate vessel for learning.
Juli Salzman