Deanna Pecaski McLennan, Ph.D.

“Math is beautiful! Helping children and their families discover joy and wonder in mathematics through play-based, inquiry-based learning is my passion as an educator.”

Deanna Pecaski McLennan, Ph.D., is a passionate full-day kindergarten educator, researcher and writer from Southern Ontario, Canada who has spent over twenty years working with young children. Deanna has authored more than thirty articles for journals including Teaching Children Mathematics, Early Childhood Education Journal, Young Children, and Teaching Young Children. She has devoted her research and practice to exploring the potential for rich mathematics learning through playful inquiry and exploration. Deanna appreciates looking at life through a mathematical lens, and recognizes opportunities for authentic, complex engagement in all experiences children have while at school. Deanna is also a mom to three children and knows firsthand the important of supporting and improving their confidence, fluency and accuracy in mathematics. She considers herself a life-long learner and has spent the last several years transforming her classroom into a safe and supportive space where children can take risks without the use of rigid programming, rote practice or worksheets. Deanna believes that educators benefit from sharing their journeys with one another and actively uses reflective writing, technology and social media to connect with others from around the world. .



In Kindergarten you can learn how to be a citizen of the world.

Jill Lepore