Alicia Burdess

Pursuing the flow and joy of learning together is the most important goal of education.

Alicia Burdess has been an educator in Grande Prairie, Alberta since 2005 as a math teacher, assistant principal, and instructional leader. She is currently a Math Coach learning with teachers and students in their classrooms, where she finds the most joy! She has served as the President of the Math Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association and currently sits on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Publishing Committee. She has a master’s degree in education from Simon Fraser University and is looking forward to one day pursuing a Ph.D. She enjoys presenting at conferences and collaborating with teachers, especially about Thinking Classrooms and teaching through problem solving. She wants every child to experience the joy, confidence, and flow of solving big, beautiful problems! She wants every child to believe that they can learn math to the highest level and that their inner mathematician is waiting to be awakened! She wants all adults to believe this as well, about themselves and the children in their lives. 



I am still learning.