Adam Hill

STEM-powered leadership unlocks the creative potential in teachers and fosters a whole-school culture of innovation.

Adam Hill is a passionate educator, leader, and STEM consultant. Originally from West Yorkshire in the UK, Adam’s career in international education has taken him around the world. He recently returned to the UK to join the International School of London as the PYP (Primary Years Program) Coordinator. Throughout his career, Adam has held various leadership roles including Innovation Lead, Head of Mathematics, and Head of Year. In China, Adam was the Foreign Principal at a bilingual school,  working in partnership with the Chinese Principal. His mission is to lead, support, and empower teachers to ensure that they reach their full potential. Adam is best known for his expertise in STEM education. He believes passionately that rich learning occurs when teachers inject creativity, problem-solving, and hands-on inquiry into their lessons. Combined with his leadership expertise, he believes that leaders can—and must—foster a whole-school culture of innovation and continuous improvement. With this goal in mind, Adam enjoys partnering with schools as a STEM consultant.
Adam has been recognized internationally as a leader and influencer in education. His blog, Mr. Hill’s Musings,  won the UK Blog Award in 2017. Most recently, ISC Research recognized him as an “Edruptor” in international education. Furthermore, Adam has gained several certifications in educational technology, including Apple Professional Learning Specialist and Google for Education Certified Innovator.




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