Joël McLean

I strive to be better every day in order to share the best version of myself so that others can also experience high energy and growth, and live life with commitment, positivity and drive.

Joël began his career as a science and chemistry teacher in 1997 and, since 2006,  has served as a principal, guiding improvement initiatives and providing instructional leadership to staff and students in elementary, middle, and high schools. 

From 2014 to 2018 he coached school principals throughout the province of Ontario. He supported the development of leadership skills and accompanied school board educational teams regarding teaching and learning in the era of global competencies.

Joël is presently Principal / School Efficacy Leader at his school board in North Bay, Ontario Canada, as well as a Provincial Leadership Coach for his professional principal’s association. He is the founder of Inspire Leadership Coaching, and the host of 2 podcasts: Inspire Leadership Podcast (French) and This Is Leadership Podcast (English).




You manage things; you lead people.

Grace Murray Hopper