The Calendar

13 months of organization

Get yourself organized for back to school with Code Breaker! Our 8×10 13-month calendar features each month in a two-page spread from August 2023 to August 2024. Monthly views with a column for notes will keep you organized all year long!

The Journal

DOTS: A SUBTLE form of structure on your page!

In need of a system to keep yourself organized?
Our 8×10 soft cover journal features 80 dotted pages. Get creative with your scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, ideas, goals, and so much more. Grab your favourite flare pens and unleash your creativity!

The Notebook

We all have important things to say! Why not write them down?

Our 8×10 soft cover notebook features 80 lined pages to keep all of your important notes. Need to make lists of can’t miss dates like National Donut Day and National Houseplant Appreciation Day? Our notebook is a great place to keep your lists of special days, books to read, shows to binge watch, doodles, ideas, and collections of to do lists you’ll never completely finish. 

The Sketchbook


Set your inner artist free!
Sketchnotes? Doodles? Blueprints? Our 8×10 soft cover sketchbook features 80 blank pages for all of your creative ideas!

With organization comes empowerment.
Lynda Peterson