E34: Matthew J Bowerman shares a truly "stinky" situation Can't Make This Up

Matthew J. Bowerman has always sought to serve others. His career in education has spanned over 23 years, teaching in middle and high school as a Theatre, Special Education, English, and Reading teacher. He is the recipient of an EMMY Award, as well as a CINE Golden Eagle Film Award for Writing/Directing the educational short, “BusSTOP,” addressing the bullying crisis in the United States; he is also a Maryland Gifted and Talented Leadership Awardee, and PTSA Lifetime Award recipient. In addition, Matthew is also the Family Liaison Chair, as well as a writer for the Say Their Names Memorial. Matthew is deeply invested in the work of love-leading students and their families in his current role as a School Administrator in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. He is currently working on his upcoming book, Heartleader. Twitter: @MJBowerman Website: https://www.matthewjbowerman.com — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cantmake/support
  1. E34: Matthew J Bowerman shares a truly "stinky" situation
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Good teaching is 1/4 preparation and 3/4 theatre.

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