Chapter 8: Michele Capots The Prequel

Join Mike as he talks to Michele Capots, transformational coach, speaker, and storyteller. Michele's work around mental health and resilience is making a difference with all of her clients. Her story gives us a glimpse into how we can take our fears and turn them into our greatest successes. This is a conversation that you will not want to miss.Follow Michele at and on Instagram @MicheleCapotsdotcom for all of the great work she does.Please follow and rate "The Prequel" wherever you get your podcasts. And don't forget to follow Mike on the following social media platforms:- Twitter:  @MikeAzzalina- Facebook: Mike Azzalina- Instagram: @azzalinam- TikTok: @MikeAzzalina5- LinkedIn: Mike Azzalina-
  1. Chapter 8: Michele Capots
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