Chapter 16: Be Limitless The Prequel

On this week's episode of "The Prequel," Mike reflects on the limitless opportunities we have each day to make a difference in the world. How do we take advantage of it? Are we scared of taking the steps we have to take? Do our thoughts get in the way while others are out there doing what we can to add to our own greatness?Mike takes us on the reflective journey of how we can live limitlessly in a world where we are often pausing in fear of rejection or failure.Subscribe to the YouTube Channel and follow, rate wherever you get your podcasts! And don't forget to follow Mike on the following social media platforms:- Twitter:  @MikeAzzalina- Facebook: Mike Azzalina- Instagram: @azzalinam- TikTok: @MikeAzzalina5- LinkedIn: Mike Azzalina-
  1. Chapter 16: Be Limitless
  2. Chapter 15: Be the One
  3. Chapter 14: Weight of the Challenge
  4. Chapter 13: Choices
  5. Chapter 12: Be Yourself
  6. Chapter 11: Reach Out
  7. Chapter 10: Be Ready to Adjust
  8. Chapter 9: Dealing with Uncertainty
  9. Chapter 8: Michele Capots
  10. Chapter 7: Lorna Hollifield

You manage things; you lead people.
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