ASSESSMENT in MATH and SCIENCE: A Conversation with MELISSA DEAN Teachers on Fire

🔥 Are we about tasks or learning? 🔥 How do our beliefs about assessment shape absolutely everything we do? 🔥 How has it become acceptable to do nothing in a classroom, and what can we do about it? Join me for this conversation with MELISSA DEAN as she shares her insights. ABOUT THIS GUEST: Melissa is a high school math, science and ELA teacher who is passionate about reforming assessment and reimagining mathematics education. She is a developing inquiry and design thinking teacher who is constantly in reflection about her teaching practice and the state of education. She’s also the author of Unravel School: Reimagine Classrooms, Reinvent Assessment and Revive Learning.  You can follow Melissa on X and Instagram @dean_of_math and on her website at Tune in for my regular Teachers on Fire interviews, airing LIVE on YouTube every Saturday morning at 8:00am Pacific and 11:00am Eastern! Join the conversation and add your comments to the broadcast. In This Conversation: 1:12 – A pivotal STORY of futility in the Math classroom 4:20 – Assessment is EVERYTHING in education reform 10:37 – What's the difference between GRADING and ASSESSMENT? 13:44 – What's the PURPOSE of SCHOOL? 20:03 – Small assessment changes to make in MATH and SCIENCE classrooms 24:16 – What does INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING look like in upper level Math? 30:31 – Why is it okay for students to do NOTHING in a classroom? 36:53 – Areas of learning for Melissa OUTSIDE of the classroom 39:55 – Productivity hacks: waking early, walking 41:22 – Someone to follow: Natalie Vardabasso, Jessica Vance 42:31 – An edtech tool that Melissa favours right now 43:07 – A book pick: The Pi of Life by Sunil Singh 43:50 – A future guest recommendation: Monte Syrie 45:15 – Melissa talks about the mission of her book, Unravel School 47:06 – Where to connect with Melissa online Connect with Me: On X @TeachersOnFire ( On Facebook @TeachersOnFire ( On YouTube @Teachers On Fire ( On LinkedIn Visit the home of Teachers on Fire at SONG TRACK CREDIT Tropic Fuse by French Fuse GO! by Neffex *All songs retrieved from the YouTube Audio Library at — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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