Where Are YOU on the TEACHER HIERARCHY of NEEDS Right Now? Teachers on Fire

Welcome to Saturday Morning Teacher Talk, airing LIVE on YouTube every Saturday morning at 8:30 Pacific and 11:30! Join the conversation and add your comments to the broadcast. On X This Week: 0:45 – Where are YOU on the Teacher Hierarchy of Needs right now? (Dr. Brad Johnson) 3:33 – Tony Vincent shows off the new Quizizz AI feature that will automatically generate quizzes based on any selected YouTube video, URL, PDF, PPT, or text prompt. 6:24 – Tony Vincent also shares an exciting feature coming to Google Slides collaborations: live pointers! (Partners can see exactly where their partners are working on the slide.) 8:01 – Assessment expert Tom Schimmer makes the point that pre-assessment as an advanced version of what has yet to be taught is pointless. 10:39 – Adam Grant observes that schools tend to favor the fastest sprinters (thinking of timed tests), but life functions more like a marathon that rewards learners who ask the right questions. 11:51 – Do you run out of time to finish your lessons? Marcus Luther encourages us to take a deep breath and leave it for the next class – everything is going to be just fine. 13:41 – A fun test for teachers: How many of these student words do you recognize? CONNECT with ME On X @TeachersOnFire (https://X.com/TeachersOnFire) On Facebook @TeachersOnFire (https://www.facebook.com/TeachersOnFire/) On YouTube @Teachers On Fire (https://www.youtube.com/@teachersonfire) On LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/timwcavey/ Visit the home of Teachers on Fire at https://teachersonfire.net/. SONG TRACK CREDIT Chef Brian by Latasha Dude by Patrick Patrikios New Year by Bad Snacks Positive Fuse by French Fuse Summer in the Neighborhood by Bad Snacks Fast and Run by Nico Staf *All songs retrieved from the YouTube Audio Library at https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/teachersonfire/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/teachersonfire/support
  1. Where Are YOU on the TEACHER HIERARCHY of NEEDS Right Now?
  2. How many hours are you working OUTSIDE of SCHOOL each day?
  5. How I Learned a Lesson About STUDENT PRIVACY
  6. How I'm GETTING My FIRE BACK (When I'm not creating, it's not okay.)
  7. 225 – MR. BEAST on LEARNING and CREATIVITY: 9 Lessons for Teachers
  8. 224 – BOOST Your ENERGY with These Two RADICAL Phone Habits (And Why Scheduled Emails Don't Work)
  9. 223 – You Can Love Teaching, Love Your Students, and Still Love Time Away
  10. 222 – Two Years Later, It's a BREATH of FRESH AIR for a Pounded Profession

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