STEM Everyday #243 | Collecting Data in Science Class | feat. Colleen McDaniel STEM Everyday

Colleen McDaniel was a biology and AP environmental science teacher in Houston, TX, and is now the Biology & Environmental Science Educational Technology SpecialistĀ at Vernier Science Education. Colleen also enjoys activities like birding and hiking, and loves taking her Vernier data collection devices when she heads out to look for birds.For more than 40 years, Vernier has empowered educators with top quality data-collection technology and innovative experiments. Their high-quality sensors, experiments, and resources are an important part of any classroom or laboratory and enableĀ  students to explore science in new ways.Find ideas, and support on their website.Connect with Colleen & Vernier:Website: Vernier.comVernier's Twitter: @VernierSTVernier's YouTube:'s Twitter: @birdeenmcdanielColleen's Instagram: @birdeenmcdanielChris Woods is the host of the STEM Everyday Podcast… Connect with him:Website: dailystem.comTwitter: @dailystemInstagram: @dailystemYouTube: youtubeGet Chris's book Daily STEM on AmazonSupport the show
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