In Episode 132, Chey and Pav discuss the many ways they use photographs to create meaningful content in their learning spaces. From minds-on activities, to providing very deep and thoughtful insights about social justice topics, Chey and Pav use photographs and pictures in many different ways with a variety of content and context in the classroom. Give the episode a listen to see how you can utilize photos in your classroom space as well! Chey and Pav are always open and willing to engage in meaningful chatter about educational topics. Check out all their content at The Chey and Pav Show! A rich discussion with several a-ha! moments throughout. Tune into this great chat, and as always, be a part of it by tagging @CheyandPav #CheyandPav on X (formerly Twitter)! Tell us what you think, interact, and give us your feedback and reflections. Check out all the podcast episodes, recent and upcoming presentations, the Chey and Pav Blog, and all the other amazing things they are up to at! If you're looking for dynamic presenters for professional development, or a seminar or keynote address for a conference, please reach out to us at Chey and Pav Educational Services, Inc.
  1. Deconstructing Photos – 132
  2. Building a Thinking Classroom – 131
  3. Salima Kassam: Labour and Love – 130
  4. Back to School for Chey and Pav – 129
  5. Amplify Learner Voice through Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Assessment – 128
  6. Judy McKeown: Dismantling Anti-Black Racism – 127
  7. Learning Coaches – 126
  8. Angela Stockman: Multimodal Writing – 125
  9. ChatGPT – 124
  10. Frank Bouchard: Wipebook – 123

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Marie Curie