In Episode 124, Chey and Pav talk about their experience with open artificial intelligence – in this case, how they have been using ChatGPT as teachers. The AI chatbot has allowed for them to explore a number of ways to make planning, lesson-building and even feedback and assessment much more streamlined and efficient. The Dynamic Duo also discusses some of the ways they wish to use it going forward, as well as the potential pitfalls and negative consequences as well. Chey and Pav are always open and willing to engage in meaningful chatter about educational topics, just like how to use OpenAI in the educational space. Check it out and their other content at The Chey and Pav Show! A rich discussion with several a-ha! moments throughout. Tune into this great chat, and as always, be a part of it by tagging @Staffpodcast #CheyandPav on Twitter! Tell us what you think, interact, and give us your feedback and reflections. Check out all the podcast episodes, recent and upcoming presentations, the Chey and Pav Blog, and all the other amazing things they are up to at! If you're looking for dynamic presenters for professional development, or a seminar or keynote address for a conference, please reach out to us at Chey and Pav Educational Services, Inc.
  1. ChatGPT – 124
  2. Frank Bouchard: Wipebook – 123
  3. Transitions: Crossover Episode with Beth Lyons of Read Into This – 122
  4. Dr. Gholdy Muhammad: Unearthing Joy – 121
  5. One Word 2023: Focus – 120
  6. Performative Actions as a Positive Gateway? – 119
  7. Andrew Canle on "Conversations with Charisma" – 118
  8. Engaging and Meaningful Read-Aloud Tasks – 117
  9. Relationships THROUGH Content – 116
  10. Quiet Quitting in Education? – 115

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