S2:E12 Relationships, Not Rapport SEEing to Lead

Kecia McDonald currently serves as a Complex Area Resource Teacher for English Learners in Kailua Kona, West Hawai'i. She is certified K-12 in Health and has been a Teen Health teacher, a Curriculum Coordinator, Test Coordinator, Title I Coordinator and substitute teacher. She is a 2020-2022 Hawai'i State Teacher Fellow and a 2022 NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow. Kecia is the public school proud mother of two young men and a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. She loves to travel and has moved 26 times. You can find her on Twitter @mcdonald_kecia or follow her travels on IG @what_hi_see Key Takeaways: You will be a better teacher and administrator when you realize and enact education being about relationships and interacting with other human beings. Nobody will innovate or take risks until a community that is safe has been built. Teaching is professional yet at the same time deeply personal. It's a holistic profession. Building relationships creates a community. Building report creates an institution. We all want to work in communities. The light bulb moment is the click moment when it comes to building relationships. It's important that you pause and take time to let people know that you see, hear, and know them. Leaders need to model relationship building for their teachers. It's important to help teachers start improving by focusing on their strengths and building from there. Schools should be joyful places of learning. Stay In Touch: Twitter @mcdonald_kecia IG @what_hi_see — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
  1. S2:E12 Relationships, Not Rapport
  2. S2:E11 – Culture of Advocacy
  3. S2:10 – All Things Immersive Technology
  4. S2:E9 – Take AIM at Digital Learning: Activate, Innovate, Motivate
  5. S2-08: Relationships Empower People
  6. S2-07: S.E.L., Reflection, and Listening to Lead
  7. S2-06: Connect to Grow
  8. S2-05 It's OK
  9. S2-04: The Human Side of Changing Education
  10. S2-03: Listen, Learn, and Lead

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.

Marie Curie