Episode 60 – Dr. Sam Fecich The Principal Leadership Lab

Join Adam & Jeff as we chat with Dr. Sam Fecich, a professor of education, author of EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers, and pumpkin spice latte fan. Currently an associate professor at Grove City College in Grove City, PA, Sam helps future educators become educators of excellence during their college career, by preparing them to work with all students and educational technology in meaningful and authentic ways. Education Journey Unexpected surprises. Dad knows best; you can add special education to your license 1st job was in a classroom with multiple disability students. Not afraid to take an abandoned SMART Board. Make your Google Search a professional one. Prep for Future Teachers – EduMagic (book, podcast, classes, etc.) Nothing out there for new teachers beyond their UnderGrad at the time Talking about those things they don’t teach you in the college classroom What can you do to be an “Educator of Excellence?” Go in with a “teacher mindset” – you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in that content area BUY THE BOOK! EduMagic (COUPON CODE – CODESAM) Teach Your Heart Out Virtual Conference Leadership Challenge Future teachers should seek their own PD at conferences; they are an educator of excellence. Tap on the shoulder to move educators forward. Student teacher Hopeful Let’s talk lessons learned from the last year (COVID year) and move them into our Fall semester Engaging students, forming relationships. GUEST CONTACT INFO Dr. Sam on Twitter: @sfecich HOST CONTACT INFO INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
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