Season 3 – Episode 5 – Danny Bauer The Principal Leadership Lab

Danny’s Leadership Journey Innovative, Story Teller Dislikes the phrase, “What’s best for kids” Based on one's own opinion Don’t use data Ruckus Makers do school differently  What shift do you want to make? Better Leaders, Better Schools Motto:  “When you are able to show up AUTHENTICALLY and experience BELONGING with a group of trusted peers, you can be CHALLENGED to take your leadership to the next level.” Current Leadership struggle/opportunity  What’s Next: District-level support  Hopeful I’m hopeful that there are more good guys than bad guys. The map is not the territory  Calm in the Chaos INSTAGRAM Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt TWITTER Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt FACEBOOK Principal Leadership Lab Dr. Jeff Prickett Adam DeWitt
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Marie Curie