Wendy Lang

School change takes place once teachers are brave enough, transparent enough, and vulnerable enough to ask “Why?”. Why am I doing this? Why is this behavior happening? Why am I getting these results? Real, sustainable improvement begins with “Why?” and lives are changed!

As a secondary educator for over 25 years in Ontario, Canada, Wendy Lang has always held an open stance for her own learning and growth. She has been an active participant and leader in professional development, starting in her first year of teaching, and believes that without constant curiosity and self-reflection, the education sector is doomed to stagnate and fail our kids. She believes the job of every educator is to get better each day, each time, each class so that results for every one improve. 

After many years in the classroom as an English teacher, Wendy transitioned into the role of teacher-librarian. Here she expanded her network of professionals and actively partnered with other teachers in her school and in her district to seek out strategies and thinking that would benefit the student, the classroom, and the school. One such project garnered The Certificate of Achievement in Critical Thinking Award by the Critical Thinking Consortium. She focuses on meaningful, intentional change by teachers with an eye to short term and long term impact. Today, she supports other teachers in their own learning journeys and helps to guide them through the process of reflection and action for overall achievement.




Curiosity is the very basis of education.

Arnold Edinborough