Peter LeBlanc

“School leadership is an act of advocacy and service. I have learned as a principal that putting students’ learning and well-being above all else is always our greatest imperative and often our greatest challenge.”

Peter LeBlanc is a school principal, international speaker, occasional podcast guest, blogger and synthesizer geek. He is a strong advocate for building student voice and making community connections. In 2015, he received The Learning Partnership’s “Canada Outstanding Principal Award”. In 2016, he took to the TEDx stage to speak about the importance of educators as the masters of relevancy, relationships and pedagogy.  

During his almost 30-year educational career, Peter has taught in French and English and has had roles as both a school and system leader. Peter is currently on loan by his school board to the Canadian Department of National Defence which landed him in Belgium. There, he dons his coolest sounding job title to date: “Principal – Canadian section –  International School – Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. When not working, he loves to travel, which makes his current position that much more special. 



Education: Moving at the Speed of…?

Peter reflects on his time in education, from the days of pencil and paper to the modern technological advancements that are quickly changing the educational landscape.

Podcast Guest Spots

What does a Canadian classroom look like, in a Ministry of Defence school in Belgium? Teacher Toolkit’s 77th interview is with Peter Le Blanc, the Principal of the Canadian section of MOD Shape International school on the NATO military base in Belgium. In this podcast, listen to Peter and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill in conversation.

Episode 51 features Peter Leblanc, a French as a second language lead, principal, TEDX and recipient of the Canada’s Outstanding Principal Award (2015). We talk: TedX, fostering leadership, risk taking, shaking the system and so much more! On parle aussi parfois en FRANÇAIS, as we discuss how we need to buy into the value of French, immerse our students and allow them to LIVE in French.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams