Georgina Dean

We’re entering a time of uncertainty (teeming or replete) with unprecedented change and disruption across the globe; so, it’s time to unlock your team’s innovative leadership potential in order to prepare your community to thrive in tomorrow’s unknown… are you ready to dig into creative leadership with me?

Georgina is a visionary leader, currently working as Director of Learning Technology for a K-12 non-profit organization in Jordan, where she’s supporting their school in unlocking their digital transformation potential. Her goal is to offer creative EdTech integration leadership to education communities around the world. Georgina is an inspiring and thought-provoking education leader, mentor, coach, podcaster, and keynote speaker, and is keen to impact creative innovation across Europe, Middle East & Africa, where she has been fostering innovative change in education for over a decade. 

She empowers learners, educators, and leaders, with the 21st century skills, tools, and confidence they need to be successful members of a global community, to thrive in tomorrow’s competitive job market. Georgina’s especially excited about joining the incredible Code Breaker Leadership Team, empowering the leaders of tomorrow with the creative strategies which will fuel their Teams and ignite the spark-to-success in today’s new abnormal.

You can find Georgina traveling around the globe to race in #ironman70.3 triathlons, learning to illustrate on #eduTGIF, and scuba-diving to unlock magical treasures of the great seas. Georgina’s creative type is undoubtedly The Adventurer, so join her on her epic journey in unpacking some of the greatest secrets leading to creative leadership for all!



Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.

Bruce Garrabrandt