Dr. Frank Rudnesky

If you feel my passion, you’ll find yours. If I know your passion, I know how you learn. If you can learn, you can lead. Get Fired Up, people!

In addition to teaching at the high school and university levels, Dr. Frank Rudnesky was the principal of Belhaven Middle School in Linwood, New Jersey for a span of two decades.  During that time, the school was recognized with numerous local, state, and national awards for leadership, technology influence, excellence in performance, and a positive culture. The school was often used as a visitation site for other educators from as far away as Japan. 

Frank has developed, implemented, and studied leadership process to enhance organizational culture.  He has authored numerous books and articles published in the areas of leadership and technology influence. Dr. R. resides in the Jostens Renaissance Educator Hall of Fame and sits on several non-profit boards including the New Jersey Schools to Watch core team.

Dr. Frank Rudnesky draws on his experience as an accomplished teacher, award-winning middle school principal, and transformational leader to deliver his captivating keynotes and presentations to hundreds of audiences. As you listen to Dr. R.’s style of storytelling and his unconventional journey in life, it will get you “Fired Up” to pursue your passion and empower others to find their passion. His engagement, enthusiasm, and positive energy are contagious. Frank’s education includes a BS from the University of San Francisco, MBA from Rowan University, and a Doctorate from Widener University. He resides in Southern New Jersey with his wife, Dr. Kimberly, two daughters, Franki Maria, Danica Lyn, and their dogs, Maggie and Winnie.



The biggest form of identity theft is telling someone they can’t accomplish something.