Brandon Perry

Striving to help students develop confidence in themselves as learners and people; Showing them that stepping towards new experiences provides the chance to grow and foster deeper connections with others; Always hoping for blue skies and calm waters.

Brandon has been an educator for nearly twelve years in Virginia and Georgia. He holds a Masters degree in Education from Clemson University with a specialization in Instructional Coaching. His main focus has been directed in the classroom where he has taught 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in a variety of subjects. Brandon received the school yearbook dedication and earned the Christie Owen Excellence in Teaching Award in 2019. He has also been highly involved in making his impact through athletics. Brandon’s main avenue has been through lacrosse, but has also coached tennis, soccer, and golf. He was voted Delaney Athletic Conference Coach of the Year in 2017 after leading his lacrosse team to its first ever conference championship. In addition, he has been involved with a variety of leadership and administrative departments during his educational journey. Brandon’s passion is all things education and he enjoys how no two days are the same teaching in middle school. He is constantly striving to be better for his students and finds tremendous joy in helping students see the value of pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. 

Stronger Together



Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.

Shannon L. Alder