Season 5, Episode 3: Interview with Darrin Peppard The Counter Narrative: Changing the Way We Talk (and think) About Education

Welcome to the Counter Narrative Podcast, a show designed to change the way we talk, and think, about education. By sharing stories of successes and triumphs, we aim to challenge the dominant narrative that often negatively portrays our disenfranchised populations. I’m your host, Charles Williams. An urban educator for more than 15 years, a current school principal in Chicago, an educational consultant, an equity advocate, and the co-host of Inside The Principal’s Office. Let’s get started. — In this episode, I chat with Darrin Peppard an author, publisher, speaker, and consultant focused on what matters most in leadership and education. Darrin is an expert in school culture and climate as well as coaching and growing emerging leaders. He is the author of the best selling book Road to Awesome: Empower, Lead, Change the Game. Darrin was named the 2015 Jostens Renaissance Educator of the Year, as was the 2016 Wyoming Secondary School Principal of the Year. Darrin was inducted into the Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame in 2019. As a ‘recovering’ high school principal, Darrin shares lessons learned and effective strategies from over 25 years in public education to help leaders (both adults and students) to become more effective and positively impact the world around them. During our conversation, we talked about … well … everything. We discussed the teacher shortage that seems to have been exacerbated by the pandemic and the realization of a different generation that maybe we do not need to push ourselves to utter exhaustion in order to be effective at our jobs, something our current system has not yet caught up with and is becoming less and less attractive to younger educators. We explored the need to shift our focus from catching and punishing the wrong to recognizing and celebrating the achievements. Darrin urges leaders to ask themselves to determine if they are investing their time in energy in actions aligned with their mission and vision or simply putting out fires. Ready to hear two administrators have a candid conversation about education? Let’s go. Connect with Darrin Socials – @DarrinMPeppard Website – — I want to thank you for listening to The Counter Narrative Podcast. If you like what you are hearing, please be sure to like, subscribe, and of course share it with friends and family. I’d also love to hear your thoughts about the show so please leave a comment or two as well. I’m not sure what platform you’re using but the show can be found on Anchor, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and plenty of other platforms. If the show isn’t on your preferred site, let me know and I’ll be sure to get it up and running. This podcast is also featured on, where you can find educational articles, videos, and interviews with educators from around the globe. Be sure to connect with me and other listeners by following the show on Twitter at @theCNpodcast and joining the show’s Facebook Group. — Support this podcast:
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