What Is Your "More" Empowered Educator

We all have passions and we all have a "more" we wish we could achieve. Let's talk about that "more" and how to accomplish it. Use that built-in zeal and God-given talent and #takeyourplace. Empowered EducatorIgnite Leadership Summit Information
  1. What Is Your "More"
  2. Author Daphne McMenemy
  3. Season 2 Teaser
  4. Energizer Bunny PPL, It Keeps Going and Going
  5. Smashing Darling, Simply Smashing
  6. Bonus Episode-Risk Taker by Brian Aspinall
  7. Remote Controlling Professional Learning
  8. Riding The Wakelet Wave
  9. That's Flipping Awesome!
  10. Welcome to Empowered Educator Podcast

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Marie Curie