Sunil Singh

My mission is to help build a community of educators to rehumanize mathematics through history/storytelling.”

Sunil Singh is the author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics, Math Recess: Playful Learning in the Age of Disruption and Chasing Rabbits: A Curious Guide to a Lifetime of Mathematical Wellness.  He is a passionate leader in humanizing mathematics, and his role of Director of the Board at The Human Restoration Project, an endeavour aimed at transforming schools, is supporting that initiative.  Sunil travels all over North America, speaking and providing creative workshops on K to 12 math instruction.  Some of the more interesting places he has presented include The Museum of Mathematics, The Fields Institute at the University of Toronto, and The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.



From the point of ignition. To the final drive. The goal of the journey is not to arrive.

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