Code Breaker


In Code Breaker, educator Brian Aspinall shares his insights on how to turn curriculum expectations into skills. Students identify problems, develop solutions, and use coding and computational thinking to apply and demonstrate their learning. From Aspinall’s collection of real-life examples and practical lesson ideas, you’ll discover how to…
▫️ Use computational thinking and coding across all subjects and grade levels
▫️ Encourage students to let their skills and passions shine
▫️ Teach learners to take risks so they can grow from failure and feedback
▫️ Make assessment meaningful—and fun—for you and your students

Block Breaker


Engaged students are more likely to internalize learning and apply it to situations beyond the classroom. So how can you get your learners to engage? In Block Breaker, educator Brian Aspinall explains that the wildly popular game Minecraft may be just the right tool for the job. Sharing his own and other educators’ success with Minecraft (and other programming applications) in the classroom, Brian reveals how these adaptable tools can be leveraged to engage learners and empower them to find success. Why Minecraft?
▫️ It offers immediate feedback on a personalized learning platform.
▫️ Inquiry tasks encourage students to collaborate, problem solve, and explore multiple approaches to finding a solution.
▫️ And it’s a fun way to practice critical thinking and spatial reasoning!

Risk Taker


Future-ready students need to be creative. They need to know how to communicate their ideas and how to collaborate as problem solvers. To master these and other twenty-first-century requirements, they will need to be critical thinkers. Engaged students are more likely to internalize learning and apply it to situations beyond the classroom. So how can you get your learners to engage? Follow Brian’s journey from his early days as a substitute teacher, to more recently, as a University Instructor, three time TEDx speaker, best selling author and Canadian Prime Minister’s Award Recipient For Teaching Excellence.

When Passion Meets Project


Follow Brian’s twenty year adventure as an educator and entrepreneur. From flipping computers in high school, to flipping apps in his twenties, to flipping real estate in his thirties, you won’t want to miss this roller coaster of a ride. Brian is transparent in his own learning and shares many secrets to financial freedom through his natural storytelling, humour, and passion. There is no such thing as failure when you hustle. The secret to growth is watching the landscape and learning to pivot.

Staying Grounded


Our children and adults within our schools need you to be at your absolute best. An educator who is constantly working toward “Staying Grounded” will be someone who is a strategic leader who leads within and amongst the levels of self, others, and the organization they serve. Leadership of self includes the responsibility of being self-aware and proactive in developing personal strengths. This is what the 12 Principles will provide for you if you have what it takes. I know you do!

Daily STEM


Has your school added a STEM class, or are you hoping to build more STEM into your school community? Buying a bunch of 3d printers and robot kits is a good start, but what does a sustainable STEM learning culture look like? This book will challenge you to think past the acronym and think about what it means to build a culture of STEM thinking in your school. You’ll find plenty of practical tips and examples to make STEM relevant to every subject and infuse it into every classroom and every home in your community.

Fired Up Leadership


When you consciously make the decision to accept your role as a leader, amazing things happen! As you pursue balance in your life, the five domains of Fired Up Leadership allow you to create a culture of leadership. A culture of leadership creates a culture of passion. That is the center of Fired Up Leadership. As you empower people to pursue their passion and become leaders, your leadership ability increases exponentially.  Leadership becomes a choice not a position. Your vision becomes a reality through your mission. People are taken to levels they never thought possible. Get Fired Up, people!

Unlocking Unlimited Potential

Understanding the Infinite Power Within to Guide Any Student Toward Success

Inside all educators is an infinite power that, once harnessed, can be contagious among all those we serve. Divided into three parts, Building the Foundation, Challenges as Opportunities for Growth, and Believing in You, this book reminds readers of their Why. Unlocking Unlimited Potential is at the core of what every educator is trying to achieve with all those they serve. In order to stay true to this vision, you must first look within.

Mindset Moments

Getting through the school year can be challenging. Let Mindset Moments be your guide!

In Mindset Moments, educator Andrew J. Canlé shares his strategies for overcoming the difficulties of your day to day. This 10-part credo unearths how educators can achieve their best reality to get better results both personally and professionally. From Canlé’s catalogue of riveting tid-bits making you say, “Aha!” you’ll learn how to…
▫️ Think about your thinking and adjust your perspectives

▫️ Stay positive amid trials and tribulations of adversity

▫️ Overcome any obstacle and be at your best
By the end of Mindset Moments, you’ll have a renewed outlook and be equipped with guiding steps to take on any challenge that comes your way. Canlé recalibrates your thinking to be at your best no matter the circumstances!

Fighting Your Inner Voice


Regardless of the specifics of your journey, we have all struggled to fight an inner voice laden with self-doubt and criticism. So often that voice isolates, taunting us with a narrative that can be difficult to fight. Filled with stories of struggle, pain and triumph, this book sets out to inspire others to find the strength to continue their own battles with an inner voice desperate to bring them down. Whether addiction, disease, infertility, or abuse, there is always a light; always someone else fighting a similar darkness. Fighting your inner voice will bring that darkness to the surface; help you realize the feelings you’ve had and the doubts you’ve experienced are not uncommon. It will validate your emotions, empower your ego and make you feel like your world is a little less lonely. It is a space to be heard, and more importantly, a space to be understood. 

Unravel School

reimagine classrooms, reinvent assessment, & revive learning

For far too long, school and learning have been disconnected from each other, when exactly the opposite should be true. There are many many threads we could pull on to unravel the foundation and reset the system. The key thread? Assessment and evaluation. Upon close inspection, the foundation of our system is closely linked to our beliefs about assessment and evaluation. This tightly woven thread holds learning captive as we try to shift our thoughts about learning without braving the necessary change in assessment and feedback practices. It can be hard to know where the starting line is. This book is a primer for starting to unravel assessment and evaluation and starting a journey towards free and open learning within your classroom. 

Scratching The Surface


Twenty-first-century learning requires students to create, collaborate, and think critically. Progress “STEMs” directly from immediate feedback and a personalized learning platform. Coding forces students to problem-solve, make mistakes, and overcome barriers because programs can only run if written correctly. In this activity guide, learn how to integrate coding activities into everyday curriculum projects!

Rock Your Class


Whether teaching in a classroom, online, or homeschooling, effective learning is all about engaging students with a wide variety of strategies and activities. ROCK YOUR CLASS is carefully curated educator wisdom from A to Z, capturing the essentials of being a great teacher. With its conversational tone and personal anecdotes, this is a well-written and entertaining read, complete with practical, fun and motivating strategies that ensure engagement and success for every learner.

Road to Awesome


With expectations on school leaders being at an all-time high, it is essential that leadership becomes a shared effort throughout the school house. As a school leader, Darrin Peppard’s passion for empowering adults and students alike will energize culture, learning, and connection in your school, classroom, or district. The leadership journey is a road complete with twists and turns, bumps and straightaways, and times when it diverges in two. When the road diverges on your journey, take the Road to Awesome…and don’t look back.

Choose To Be You

Understanding what it means to live your best life starts with looking at the person in the mirror and being able to say I choose to be me.

The stigma surrounding mental health has often kept our society from being willing to engage in important conversations surrounding the challenges that many people face each and every day. Through sharing his personal story and the daily battle he fights as someone who lives with anorexia, Mark Brown offers a voice of advocacy, inspiration, hope, and encouragement. In Choose To Be You, Mark provides practical ideas that can be implemented into your daily routine to help you focus on working towards mental wellness.  We all face pressure to live up to certain standards and often compromise who we are at our core in order to live up to the expectations of others.  Whether you are an educator, student, or someone looking to live life as the best version of you, this book will help you find the courage to look yourself in the mirror and Choose To Be You! 

Discomfort by Design

An inspirational guide to fostering critical thinking, life skills, and problem solving both in the classroom and in the real world

Read any school’s mission statement and you will probably discover each strives to prepare students for the world that awaits them after their educational journey.  This is a world full of experiences and challenges which are outside the comfort zones of many of our students.  All of this will require specific skills and traits which are often overlooked by our current, result-oriented, education system.  Discomfort by Design takes you on an entertaining and inspirational journey through a process of stepping out of our comfort zones both in and outside of the classroom.  Along the way, Discomfort by Design fosters essential skills in all of us, promotes critical thinking and problem-solving, and encourages us to pursue becoming a better version of ourselves.  It’s a life-changing message and process that every student, teacher, administrator, and parent needs to experience.  

Define YOUniversity

30 Day Journal – Igniting the Passion for YOUR Life

Congratulations on saying YES to YOU! Welcome to the beginning of the DEFINE YOU 30-Day Journal! I created this journal with educators in mind, to provide a sense of daily inspiration, intentional reflection, and a place to capture your heart, your mind, and your soul. And the best part is this journal was designed for YOU! Which means, YOU get to decide how to best use the journal each day. I have provided some thoughts and ideas below, but trust me when I say, you can’t do this wrong! When YOU use this journal, open your heart, open your mind, to what YOU desire most. To what INSPIRES you. To what IGNITES you! I hope YOU enjoy this journal, but more than that, I hope YOU know how LOVED you are each and every day!

Define YOUniversity

90 Day Journal – defining who you are, one day at a time

The Define YOUniversity 90 Day Journal is a simple and easy tool for any educator to use who is ready to take back control of their life, find relief from the overwhelm, regain confidence in who they are and truly transform who they are as an educator all from the inside out! 
In this Journal, YOU will receive, 90 Unique Journal Pages including: Daily Doses of Inspiration,  Mirror Moments of Affirmation, Daily Space for Gratitude, Reflection, and Celebrations, Daily Space to Reflect and Connect your Thoughts, plus additional space throughout the journal for free-writing, creating lists, or anything YOU desire most! 

Actually, I Can.

Inspiration, empowerment and leadership

Lori Koerner defines leadership as the choices we make, the relationships we establish, and the influence we have on those we serve. She reminds readers that not only does a leader empower and encourage, they also listen actively and make certain that every member of the organization feels heard and valued. Inspiration and empowerment work in conjunction to propel our intrinsic motivation which is at the center of what fuels our soul. Empowering others has to do with the power of yet and shifting mindsets from, I can’t to I can and I will. Inspiration and empowerment require encouragement and positivity.  Lori Koerner is a great new voice bringing insight, experience and humility to a much needed genre that requires the brightest of lights to be shined on it – women in leadership. Actually, I Can is engaging, relatable and full of practical wisdom and personal stories that both women and men can learn from. To live a life filled with one’s highest choices and brightest outcomes, one should always continue to inspire and empower – and in turn – become inspired and empowered. This book is the ultimate guide in doing so.

Power of Connections

Connecting Educators, Cultivating Professional Learning Networks, & Redefining Educator Collaboration 

Lifelong learning requires effort. Collaboration as a method of learning has been a fabric of education for years. With today’s technology, our ability to connect is limitless. With an openness to learn, anyone can begin to expand their knowledge by being part of a Professional Learning Network. A PLN is a mindset; it is not a one-shot association. When managed well, these connections can help educational leaders innovate in their classrooms, schools, and beyond to improve student outcomes. Power of Connections is an opportunity to take your professional relationships to the next level. This book will empower your growth by putting your personalized professional development ideas into your own hands. This book is about the IMPACT – Inspiration, Meaningful, Passionate, Authentic, Care, Today & Tomorrow – connecting with others will have on you. These IMPACT components are the heart of connecting and it is the impact itself that proves just how powerful these connections can be.

Fired Up Teachership

Ignite your spark

It’s no secret that we are on the precipice of a massive teacher shortage with a dearth of passionate people entering the field of education. Our students need teachers who will carry the spark long into their professional career. Fired Up Teachership aims to ignite the spark and keep it lit by taking you on a journey with a noble mission along with two Fired Up educators who strike the perfect balance of knowledge, strategies, and techniques, enhanced by heart warming anecdotal stories of teaching. Frank and Michele take you on a practical walk through the challenges and joys of teaching, all the while, inspiring you to never lose your spark! This book is about remembering your “why” and creating a legacy of being a difference maker. This book should be in the hands of every pre-service teacher, those who are new to the profession, and teachers who want to reignite their spark. Get Fired Up, teachers!

SEEing To Lead

Support. engage. empower

Creating a true educational experience where learning, growth, leadership, and community takes center stage is a difficult, but completely attainable task. SEEing to Lead is about attaining that goal by employing a model that supports, engages, and empowers individuals to become leaders themselves. Looking to fulfill his “just cause” of improving the educational experience for everyone involved by being purposeful, acting with integrity, and building character, Dr. Chris Jones offers personal anecdotes and specific strategies that will pave the way for the growth and development of leaders no matter how long they have been serving. SEEing to Lead is about showing people they can be more than their situation. It is a handbook that will serve as a source of ideas to return to over and over again. We all have a leader inside waiting to emerge. SEEing to Lead empowers leaders to bring the best out in themselves and others.

You just start.
Brian Aspinall