Episode #8: Lessons Learned 3 Caffeinated Coaches

Educators everywhere understand the value of remaining a lifelong learner and ceasing every opportunity as a chance to reflect and grow. Join Becky and Shannon as they consider their roles as teachers, coaches, mentors, and leaders, and recount the various lessons they have learned over the combined 19 years they have been in education. If you strive to remain reflective in an effort to move forward, this is the episode for you!  If you would like to connect, check out our website at: 3caffeinatedcoaches.com Twitter: @_3CCs  Instagram: @_3_CCs Resource: The following article was referenced in the episode: https://kappanonline.org/grades-versus-comments-research-student-feedback-guskey/ — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/caffeinated-coaches/message
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