Dr. Darrin Peppard

“The leadership journey is a road complete with twists and turns, bumps and straightaways, and times when it diverges in two. When the road diverges on your journey, take the Road to Awesome…and don’t look back.”

Dr. Darrin Peppard, a self-proclaimed recovering high school principal, is a school district superintendent, speaker, author, and consultant. Darrin’s expertise in school culture and climate, along with coaching and growing emerging leaders has made him a leading voice in school leadership on an international level. Living life on the “Road To Awesome”, Darrin leads through relationships, compassion, and a human-being first focus. Peppard has served kids and adults as a superintendent, principal, assistant principal, teacher, and coach. Darrin was recognized as the Jostens Renaissance Educator of the Year in 2015, Wyoming Secondary School Principal of the Year by WASSP/NASSP in 2016, and in 2019, he was inducted into the Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame. Darrin and his wife live in Grand County, Colorado spending as much time off the road in their Jeep and hiking with their daughter and their dogs.

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The measure of a person is not based on if they make mistakes but rather how they own, correct and learn from mistakes.