Stronger Together

The Power of Connections Within a School Community

When teachers work in a silo, it limits the collective thinking or brainstorming that is critical to innovative ideas that can transform teaching and learning. Change is hard and sometimes schools are unwilling to change due to many factors (already high achieving, possible union pushback, consistent turnover, and so on). However, moving outside your comfort zone and into the learning zone is a step to breaking down school silos. With skilled educators and the digital resources of today, we have ideas and strategies available 24/7. We have the power to shift a school into a collaborative community and to have critical conversations about exciting and innovative change in schools.

Take AIM at Digital Learning

activate, innovate, motivate

Now more than ever, it’s time to focus forward and Take AIM at digital learning.  Discover classroom-tested strategies to ACTIVATE content, INNOVATE instructional practice, and MOTIVATE learners.  Loaded with reflective prompts and next-day takeaways, this book is designed to push your thinking about the integration and application of academic technology across the curriculum, and inspire learning experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and measurable.   Explore methods to reinvent content curriculum, redesign learning spaces, or  create computational thinking and coding challenges to engage all learners.

Ready, Set, Fail!

Using Failure & Risk-Taking to Unlock Creativity

WStudents don’t take risks if teachers don’t take risks. Teachers don’t take risks if leaders don’t take risks. The lack of risk-taking and embracing failure as a learning tool stifles creativity and innovation. This book is designed to tackle that challenge and provide ideas for both teachers and providers of professional learning with new ways to motivate learners of all ages and open up their creative pathways. 

McKenzie’s Time Machine

X-FACTOR kid collection

Join McKenzie on a journey through the untold accomplishments of people of color.

The Almost True Adventures of Tytus The Monkey

X-FACTOR kid collection

Mom and dad can’t find their car keys? Tytus probably hid them. Wondering who was drawing on the wall in the living room? It was probably Tytus the Monkey. The almost true adventures of Tytus the Monkey is a story about kindness, chaos, and autism. Tytus the Monkey and his three friends learn a lesson about kindness while visiting the grocery store. 

It is what you read when you don’t have to
that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.
Oscar Wilde